The Human Development Report (HDR) is a tool of the United Nation Development Program aimed at providing a user-friendly method to study and analyze the human dimension of development at both national and global levels. The HDRs are edited each year by different groups of leading scholars and practitioners. The first Report was published in 1990 under the direction of the Special Advisor of the Administrator of the UNDP, Mahbub ul Haq.
In the last twenty years, the HDRs have deepened different issues related to human development and formulated new indexes, which provide quantitative data for measuring the different dimensions of human development. During the years, the Human Development Indexes (LINK) have been enhanced and further improved. These include the Human Development Index (HDI), Gender-related Development Index (GDI), Gender Empowerment Measure (GEM), and Human Poverty Index (HPI).

UNDP, Human Development Report 1990, New York, Oxford University Press 1990

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