Farm that offers hospitality and education to groups of students, so that they can learn about the activities of the company.
The qualification of educational farm is usually assigned by the regional council to a farm based on the fulfilment of several standards defined in a "quality charter". In particular, on the one hand, the company must bind itself to respect the safety rules, which include that all dangerous materials and substances must be kept in a safe place, the insurance coverage of visitors, the presence of a trained first-aid staff, the correct signalling of a possible limited entry area; on the other hand, the company must present an educational/formative proposal tied to the actual animal or agricultural production.
The educational farm offers an active educational program by using laboratories where typical products are made, and themed learning activities (e.g. the different smells of plants, the process of transformation from milk to cheese, from wheat to bread, etc.).
Editor: Barbara PANCINO

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