Banca Popolare del Lazio is a “società cooperativa per azioni” (public cooperative bank), whose head office is in Velletri, in the province of Rome.
The bank was established in 1904 as Cassa agricola operaia Pio X (Agricultural and Workers’ Credit Bank) following Silvio Pellico’s petition and thanks to the donation of 1,000 lire by the Pope, whose name was added to the bank’s name as a sign of thankfulness. The bank was established with the precise objective of helping the less well-off.
In 1937, it changed its business name into Banca Cooperativa Pio X (Cooperative Bank Pio X), maintained until 1994, when it adopted the current name as a consequence of the merger with Banca Popolare di Terracina. With such a name, it became part of the category of “Banche Popolari” (Cooperative Banks).
In 1943, the head office of the bank was destroyed by a bombing and its financial means were transferred to Rome. At the end of the war, the bank moved back to Velletri, where it supported the re-establishment of the towns activities, also absorbing some Casse Rurali (rural cooperative banks) in the neighbouring towns. Together with its territory, the bank grew and developed during the following twenty years. In the 1970s, the growth of the bank imposed a review of its organisational and managerial model, which was entrusted to the newly-elected CEO dott. Prof. Renato Mastrostefano in 1977. Thanks to this role, he was awarded public acknowledgement in the framework of Banche Popolari. In 1984, the Head Office and the Directorate- General were transferred from the historical headquarters in Via del Comune in Velletri, to the modern and spacious building in Via Martiri delle Fosse Ardeatine, the current headquarters of the bank. In the second half of the 1980s, a branch in Padova was inaugurated, while the branch of Cori was transferred to Ciampino, as the area appeared economically more active. In 1990, the branch number 1 in Rome was opened, and the following year a new one was opened in Latina. Three more branches were opened in 1992 and 1993. In this year, the need to change the word “cooperativa” (cooperative) with “popolare” (people's) was felt, for a greater recognizability in the areas of operative establishment. In this way, Banca Popolare Pio X was established. Yet, in 1994, the merger between Banca Popolare Pio X and Banca Popolare di Terracina was completed: Banca Popolare del Lazio was then created with the aim of widening the operative network in the entire region. In the following years, branches in Albano Laziale, Frascati, Tivoli, the branch n.3 of Rome and branches in other towns and villages were opened. In 1997, dott. Prof. Mastrostefano ended its role as CEO and Rag. Luciano Fagiolo took after. In the first years of the new millennium, new branches opened, among which the one in Aprilia, whereas the expansion in Rome continued with new branches. In 2004, at the time of the 100th anniversary, the bank reached the area of Frosinone with a branch in Anagni, followed by Frosinone itself. In 2006, in the branch n. 9 of Rome, the new service of Private Banking was introduced, whereas in 2007 a new phase of expansion was started, with six new branch openings planned. In 2009, the Assembly of Shareholders approved the new statute of the bank, which implemented the changes required by the Supervisory Authority with reference to governance. The project of corporate governance was approved by the Board of Directors and dott. Prof. Mastrostefano, who had been CEO and MD, became Chairman of the bank. In 2010, rag. Massimo Lucidi was appointed CEO. The expansion of the bank continued in 2011 with the opening of a branch in Viterbo, a new branch in Rome and the project for one in Civita Castellana (Viterbo).
Banca Popolare del Lazio is today a stable presence in the region with 53 branches, of which 34 in the province of Rome, 14 in that of Latina, 4 in the province of Frosinone and one in Viterbo. Currently, it is the biggest independent Banca Popolare in the Lazio region. It maintains its cooperative spirit with the aim of creating value for shareholders, by supporting the needs of its communities, especially of families and small and medium sized enterprises, and by contributing to the enhancement of the territories served.
The bank is also engaged in actions of social and cultural promotion through the numerous aid, sports, religious and educational initiatives promoted by local institutions and associations. In order to best answer to the needs of its clients, the bank has activated various operative channels, focusing on a multi-channel and multi-product approach. It was one of the first banks to apply the typical logic of retail to the financial system, by realising a fidelity program that awards those who use its services the most; for instance, Operazione Energia, a competition with prizes for current account holders as well as other clients, at its 11th edition in 2011.
As at 31.12.11, Banca Popolare del Lazio has 6,246 effective associates and 357 shareholders who are not registered in the bank’s list of shareholders, with equity claims only. The social capital is of 22,715,241 euros, divided into 7,571,747 shares with a nominal value of 3.00 euros.

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