United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (fr. Conference des Nations Unies sur le Commerce et le Devéloppement CNUCED).

Permanent intergovernmental body of General Assembly for issues of trade, investment and development. It was established in 1964 with the headquarter in Geneva. Its main objectives are to maximize the opportunities for trade and investment development and to promote their integration into the world economy on a fair and equitable treatment. The Member are 191 countries, more than 108 intergovernmental organizations and 190 Non-Governmental Organizations with observer status. The Conference generally meets every four years at ministerial level, has a permanent Secretariat based in Geneva and a Trade and Development Board (TDB ), which operates as the executive committee and may establish Commissions with special work assignments (Commission on Trade in Goods and Services, and Commodities; Commission on Investment, Technology and Related Financial Issues; Commission on Enterprise, Business Facilitation and Development.).

Editor: Giovanni AVERSA

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