The MicroFinance Network is an international association of the leading microfinance institutions. Its membership consists of 34 commercial banks and non-governmental organisations representing 31 countries worldwide. The MFN aims to be a model of best practices for all initiatives looking to balance financial practices and social responsibility, through the facilitation of information channels and experience exchange among its members. The Network also promotes the use of the double bottom line1 approach in performance rating within the finance and microfinance world community. The MFN was founded in April 1993 by the participants in a conference on the development of micro-firms near the headquarters of BancoSol in Bolivia. Today, the MFN’s headquarters are in Washington. Among the main activities of the Network is the organisation of an annual conference, an opportunity for the leading operators in the sector to come together, learn and debate.
1An expression used in business to indicate an alternative way of measuring business performance based on social impact instead of merely fiscal results.

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