Presentation of the E-Encyclopedia of Banking, Stock Exchange and Finance

The Board of Directors of Assonebb created the e-dictionary of Banking, Stock Exchange and Finance after the precious inheritance left by Prof. Francesco Parrillo in the form of a “Dictionary of Banking, Stock Exchange and Finance”. has over 5000 terms in Italian and 500 in English and their update, implementation and growth is a continuous process.

Given the widespread use of English in economics and finance, our aim is to move toward in this language.

Assonebb published for the first Encyclopedia at the end of the 1970s, while the last printed edition has been published in 2005 in a joint effort with Milano Finanza ( is a cultural tool for market players, dealers, practicioners in the field as well as students who intend to specialize in economics, banking and finance. The Dictionary entries of 2005 are the historical starting point of the long work that we are determined to carry out and, therefore, we ask our readers to act not only as users, but also as actors in the transformation, suggesting corrections and integrations to the existing entries and proposing new ones.

We continuously update the structure of and link to websites that deal with this subject; we accept uggestions coming from the web, in addition to those made from within the Assonebb team, comprising for the most part, operators of the sector.
The completion of, including existing entries or missing terms, may be commissioned by centers interested in the dissemination and development of the financial culture.

Prof. Daniele Angelo Previati,  Presidente dell’Assonebb

Dott. Giovanni Parrillo, Vice Presidente dell'Assonebb

Dott. Ivano Spallanzani, Vice Presidente dell'Assonebb

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